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Us Chess Sales Will Not be Undersold!

When you're ready to order your chess supplies for the upcoming chess season, let us show you how competitive our pricing is. Send us the current price quote for a new order from your current supplier, or a copy of any order that you've placed within the past 12 months with one of our competitors, and


Or we'll give you a $50.00 Gift Card to US Chess Sales.

Terms & Conditions:

This offer applies only to qualifying Schools, Clubs, and Non-Profit Organizations which focus on the promotion of the game of Chess. It does not apply to individuals or organizations whose intent is to purchase items for resale.

There is a minimum order size of $250.00 US Dollars. There is no maximum order size.

We reserve the right to verify the validity of all price quotes and previous orders submitted. If we are unable to verify their validity, we will not honor the request.

Our "Beat by 10%" promotion is not a global percentage discount. We handle it on a per-product basis, where we will beat the actual price of specific items sold by both US Chess and that competitor. IT ONLY APPLIES TO ITEMS WHERE US CHESS SALES AND THE COMPETITOR SELL THE EXACT SAME ITEM. For the sake of clarity, if our competitors are having a generic percentage-off sale, we will only be able to beat the price on items they sell. We will not beat their discount by an additional 10% on items that we sell but they do not.

This offer only applies to orders that have not yet been placed with US Chess Sales.

Our "Beat by 10%" promotion applies only to the price of the products. It does not apply to any other charges, including shipping costs and or applicable sales tax.

Our "Beat by 10%" promotion applies only to competitors of our company that focuses solely on the sale of chess-related products. All other retailers, including Brick and Mortar Stores,, and Barnes & Noble, are excluded. In addition, all chess web shops operated by US Chess Sales' parent company, including and The House of Staunton are also excluded.

Our "Beat by 10%" promotion does not apply to any free items, obvious pricing errors and/or suspicious websites, mail-in offers, items that are advertised as limited quantity, out of stock items, clearance items, open-box items, refurbished items, pre-owned items, gift card offers, and items for sale Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday.

Our "Beat by 10%" promotion applies to the following product types: Plastic Chess Pieces, Demonstration Boards, Chess Medals, Chess Pins, Vinyl Chess Boards, Silicone Chess Boards, Mouse Pad Chess Boards, Chess Bags, Chess Clocks, Chess Score Books, Chess Pens, Chess Pencils.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I submit a request to "Beat by 10%"?

Please forward a copy of your current price quote or previous order to After you've submitted the information, please call 1-888-51CHESS (512-4377) and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to handle your request. We will then review and may need to verify the validity of the price quote/previous order. If we cannot verify the quote/previous order is valid, we will not be able to honor the request.

What if the competitor does not have the item in stock or has limited quantities of the product?

Sometimes a qualifying competitor will advertise a product in ads and on its website as having limited quantities in stock. If the item is out of stock or the competitor has advertised as limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for this promotion.

Does USCF Sales price match "free gift with purchase" offers or Virtual products such as eBooks or eDVDs?

No. we do not price match "free gift with purchase" orders or virtual products. This includes a free gift card with purchase offers. We will price match physical items with

Effective Date: August 21, 2017